scavenger_hunt.jpgWelcome to the FPC Media Center Scavenger Hunt

Learn about the FPC Media Center and all it has to offer. We have resources that will help with all of your assignments. This scavenger hunt will help you get familiar with these resources.


  • Use the FPC Media Center Website to find links that will help complete the scavenger hunt.
  • You will be using the **Online Subscriptions** and **Online Catalog Destiny** pages as you look for answers.
  • Many of the questions require your presence in the Media Center.
  • You don't have to work on the questions in order.
  • Your teacher may give you credit for your work, but the benefit to you is your familiarity with resources that you will use for research projects in any of your classes.

In the Media Center:

  1. Using the FPC Media Center website, identify the 3 media center staff members. Feel free to introduce yourself.
  2. In the non-fiction section, locate 1 book that represent one of your interests or hobbies. List the title and author. (The non-fiction books have dewey decimal numbers.)
  3. How much does it cost to make copies in our media center? How many copies may be made?
  4. Browse through the fiction shelves and find books with authors who share your last initial. List the title and author of one book.

From the FPC Media Center website:

If requested, Username: flagler Password: beach
  • From the Destiny Catalog, find one book on any of the following topics and list its title and call number. Can you tell if it is available?
rap music

  1. List 2 different databases included in EBSCOhost.
  2. On Infotrac use Student Edition to find one article about fuel efficient cars. List the name of the article and the publication.
  • On the Media Center homepage, list one book that is nominated for this year's Florida Teens Read Award.
  • Using the **Destiny Catalog**, find the book Being by Kevin Brooks. Read the summary of the book. What is unusual about Robert, the main character?

Bonus Questions
  1. Where do I eat in the media center?
  2. If I sit, how do I leave my chair when I am done?
  3. If I use books, where do I place them when I am done?

Links to use:
Media Center Website
Online Subscriptions page
Destiny Catalog